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if person is exposed to known drug-susceptible tb or drug susceptibility is unknown positive tst or igra result treat regardless of age with isoniazid inh or inh and rpt for those over 12 years of age if person is exposed to known isoniazid-resistant tb positive tst or igra result treat with rifampin rif for 4 months if person is exposed to known multidrug-resistant mdr tb positive tst or igra result consult an expert in the treatment of mdr tb in general, tst or Cheap igra-positive contacts who can provide written documentation of prior adequate treatment for ltbi do not need to be retreated.

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isoniazid may inhibit the metabolism of tamoxifen to these metabolites, which have up to 33 times more affinity for Purchase the estrogen receptor than tamoxifen.

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myambutol therapie 400 nebenwirkungen administration, ethambutol side effects, thuoc patient education isoniazid Purchase inh rifampin rifadin and ethambutol myambutol dosis fachinformation ficha tecnica dexambutol.

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pubmedpubmed centralgoogle scholar rouse da, devito ja, li z, byer h, morris sl site-directed mutagenesis of the katg gene of mycobacterium tuberculosis Pills effects on catalase-peroxidase activities and isoniazid resistance.

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lacosamide is a cyp3a4 and cyp2c19 substrate; isoniazid, inh is an inhibitor of cyp3a4 and a potent inhibitor of cyp2c19.

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